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A GALLERY OF iPAD SCREENSHOTS of sample pages from the eBook
KEEPING CHRISTMAS WELL —Until (at least) January 6th
by Artemesia D'ECCA   

This title is available both in Hardback edition (ISBN: 9781908420008) and in an illustrated ePub (& Kindle-format) eBook edition (ISBN: 9781908420015), which contains the same content optimized to suit all eReaders (including iPad, iPhone, standard Kindle, Kindle-fire, Nook, Sony-reader, etc.). Further details of both are provided on the main webpage of Keeping Christmas Well, and sample pages are shown in all formats—click here for a 26-page pdf sample of the Hardback edition, and click here for a 40-page eBook sample (a pdf made of full-size iPad screenshots).
All versions contain over 700 images, with two eBook pages corresponding to one print-edition page.

The images below are sample pages from the eBook (ePub) edition, as displayed on iPad (and iPhone) :


iPad screenshot 'Keeping Christmas Well' (pp120-121)iPad screenshot 'Keeping Christmas Well' pp.144-145

iPad screenshot 'Keeping Christmas Well' pp.176-177iPad image from 'Keeping Christmas Well' (pp222-223)

iPad image rom 'Keeping Christmas Well' (pp245-246)iPad image from 'Keeping Christmas Well' (pp250-251)

iPad screenshot 'Keeping Christmas Well' pp.262-263iPad screenshot 'Keeping Christmas Well' (pp.274-275)

iPad image 'Keeping Christmas Well' (pp.434-435)iPad screenshot 'Keeping Christmas Well' pp.488-489

iPad screenshot 'Keeping Christmas Well' pp.499-500iPad image from 'Keeping Christmas Well' (pp58-59)

iPhone image p.59

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"… Scrooge was better than his word… it was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well… May that be truly said of us, and all of us !"
A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens.


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