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The Secret of Jules and Josephine

by Artemesia D'ECCA
— An Art Deco Fairy Tale

Set in 1927 Paris & New York, and in modern Ireland.

'The Secret of Jules and Josephine' cover image - The Poodle Club entrance, 1927 Paris

'While sending a strong but subtle environmental message, the book evokes the swinging lifestyle of 1920s Paris, as well as life on board an ocean liner of the period, with a fair smattering of latter-day celebrities like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Charles Lindbergh, Charlie Chaplin, Coco Chanel and Sigmund Freud, who all help the fairies "at their time of greatest need." … It is all great fun, and cleverly done.' Books Ireland

'… A wonderful book … it is for all ages … Irish fairies flying all over Opéra Paris … magic, time-travel, comedy, mystery … Irish fairies are the best!' —Brentano's, Paris

'A story that takes in the "real" and the "fairy" world in today’s Ireland, but also 1920s Paris, and spanning four generations of one family is certainly ambitious … the story does have an exciting pace and there’s lots of action. Paris in the 1920s is effortlessly evoked, and there are plenty of interesting characters. And the different elements do come together in an The Secret of Jules & Josephine displayed on the avenue de l'Opéra, Parisimpressive and imaginative conclusion.'
Inis Magazine

In the year of its publication, The Secret of Jules and Josephine (featuring a murder at place de l'Opéra in Paris in 1927), and its posters, appeared as the Christmas window display of Brentano's American Bookstore /Librairie américaine >> on avenue de l'Opéra, Paris, within sight of the location of part of the book's plot.


ISBN (pbk.): 978-0-9553756-2-0
400 pages; illustrated (22 line drawings)
r.r.p.: £7.99 / €10.99

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<< Jules & Josephine at Frankfurt Book Fair


'The Secret of Jules and Josephine'

… "You are due to be murdered by a gang of apaches in Place de l'Opéra on May 21st, the night Lindbergh arrives in Paris. You must stop that happening." …


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